TampADRIFT Indoor RC Rally and Drift Track


Our new indoor, air conditioned drift and rally racing carpet track is now open!

Announcing the Fall 2019 RC Rally Indoor Racing Series..Click Here

Track Features:

  • 1/10th Scale Drift Racing
  • 1/18th Scale Rally Racing - Shop Now!
  • RC Drift Carpet
  • Air Conditioned
  • Charge table and power provided
  • 4x12 Elevated Drivers Stand w/wheelchair access
  • DAY and NIGHT modes with 400 Watts of Black Light LED floods to enhance fluorescent paint schemes and track elements
  • iLaps lap counting system
  • RC Scoring Pro driver and scoring system with real-time online results

Drift Racing/Practice Requirements:

  • On-Road/Touring/Drift chassis only
  • Vehicles MUST be completely clean
  • 1/10 scale only
  • 2S LiPo or less (hard case preferred)
  • Body required to operate on track and must be painted with Polycarbonate-rated paint.  
  • Hard Plastic (ABS) tires only (no hybrid rubber/plastic tires allowed)
  • Tires must be smooth and free of abrasions of any kind
  • No tire treatment allowed
  • 68 Ounce maximum vehicle weight
  • Wiring and battery must be properly terminated and insulated
  • ALL vehicles are inspected before use on track

Race schedule, additional class rules and program details are being worked on now and will be published shortly.

Rally Racing/Practice Requirements:

  • Latrax 1/18th Rally Car (or similar on-road vehicles of same scale) 
  • Smooth, untreated rubber tires only - no treads allowed
  • Tires must be clean and free from abrasions
  • 6 Cell NiMH batteries maximum
  • Bodies and internal foam bumpers required on all cars at all times and bodies must be painted with Polycarbonate-rated paint.
  • iLaps or iLaps compatible transponder required for racing

Race schedule, additional class rules and program details are being worked on now and will be published shortly.

PRACTICE: Any day of the week we are open until 1/2 hour prior to close, GROUP practice every Thursday from 5:00 PM to 8:30PM

RACING: Planned Sundays starting at 1:00PM. We will announce when the race series officially begins.  Until then, Sunday will be group practice as well.

CHILDREN 13 and under MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT AT ALL TIMES.  MUST be at least 10 years of age to participate in group practice nights and race events, unless otherwise approved by Daniels Hobbies' management.

Strict rules of conduct must be followed at all times and these rules are posted at the track.  Violation of these rules or any poor sportsmanship or conduct unbecoming a respectable and courteous human being will result in immediate ejection from the property.  Serious offenses will result in a ban from the track.